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50/50 founders Ken and Heather both hold a MFA in Acting and Directing. Performing on Stage and Creating Theatrical Events is where this all began and remains their first love.

Ken and Heather have been working in the industry in New York City, regionally and internationally for almost 20 years.

Along with our love of performing in established scripts and stories we have a deep passion for new works and are actively creating our own new theatrical events.  


We have recently produced Ken Sandberg's one man show "The Death of..." at two seperate venues. Off Broadway as a part of the New York Winterfest as well as a sold out run in Ken's hometown of Alexandria, MN at the Fireside Theatre. 

Current projects in the works are Ken's new original Musical  "Vicky Slate". An exciting twist on Noir with original jazz compositions from Ken and Craig Sandberg. Stay tuned for demos of this new work in the coming months!

"The Death of..." Written and Performed by Ken Sandberg

Directed and Designed by Heather Michele Lawler

Original song "Only Human" Composed and Performed by Craig Sandberg 

"My dad can beat up your dad!  There is a reason it is one of the earliest schoolyard taunts.  If our parents are our first heroes, what can we learn about Superman by looking at our dads?  What can we learn about our dads by looking at Superman?  And what happens to our heroes when we grow up?"

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