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Quarantine Zoom Script Readings

As the world headed into the 3rd month of the Covid-19 Quarantine, everyone was looking for ways to bring back some sense of normalcy.  After speaking with other artists who were hungry for community, we teamed up with Iowa City based artist Noel VanDenBosch and began our Quarantine Play Reading group.  

This group has reconnected some of the artistic community and helps to continue our education as each week we select a couple scripts, cast them, and read them online through Zoom. Anyone not reading is encouraged to tune in to listen and be a part of the post reading discussion.

Connecting with other people is vital for maintaining not just artistic skills, but human sanity and will to live.  50/50 has been delighted to host these readings, giving people a chance to connect and artists a chance to play.

Get it....PLAY?

Below are the play titles we have read since May 14th, 2020. 

Please click the playwrights name to learn more about these incredible scripts and other works. 


The Revolutionists

by. Lauren Gunderson 

Miss Holmes.jpg

Miss Holmes

by. Christopher M. Walsh 


Stupid Fucking Bird

by. Aaron Posner



By. Alistair McDowall

Into the Breeches.jpg

Into the Breeches

by. George Brandt 


Church and State

by. Jason Odell Williams



by. Aziza Barnes

Little Wars.jpg

Little Wars

by. Steven Carl MaCasland

Nollywood Dreams.jpg

Nollywood Dreams

by. Jocelyn Bioh

The Moors.jpg

The Moors

by. Jen Silverman

Cost of Living.jpg

Cost of Living

by. Martyna Majok

Melancholy Play.jpg

Melancholy Play

by. Sarah Ruhl 


You Got Older

by. Clare Barron

The Thin Place.jpg

The Thin Place

by Lucas Hnath

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